Is mid-season stress getting you down?

Is your development as a player stalling?

We’ve all seen stress show up on the ice and how it can affect us in a variety of different ways.

You may have even experienced some of these symptoms yourself. Physical signs such as butterflies in the stomach, muscle tightness, and even vomiting, or changes in behavior such as nail-biting, emotional outbursts, and procrastination.

In the brain, stress can encourage negative self-talk, indecisiveness and lack of concentration.

You may feel alone when feeling stressed and the way it is affecting you, however, this is most certainly not the case.

You have the ability to change how you react to stress - by increasing your mental focus.

Instead of beating yourself up thinking of all the negatives that took place in the game, focus on all the good parts of your game that make you a great player and worthy to be a contributing member of your team. However small these good elements, focus on them until they become your greatest skills, unique to you, and how you play your game.

Negative thoughts about your performance will only lead to negative responses - whereas positive thoughts about your performance will only lead to positive actions.

Positive thoughts set the scene for opportunities to present themselves for you to learn, grow and develop from.

Choose to learn from the opportunities that arise today so that you are better prepared to face down the challenges that appear tomorrow.

Your reactions to everything that happens around you, determine the actions that you take, and ultimately the results you achieve.

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