Does the thought of an upcoming game cause anxiety and doubt to build up in you?

Is it possible that you are being hard on yourself?

Your own judgment can be as rewarding or as harsh as a judgment from your teammates, your coaches or any media source.

Harsh self-judgment leads to mental overload and puts up roadblocks in your mind that prevent you from having that NHL winning mindset.

Being critical of your performance can help you to find ways to get better, but if your mindset is exhausted by negative self-talk, then your increase in performance will be compromised.

Balance is key here... appreciation is a great way to balance a negative mindset.

Here's how: 

You can be appreciative in so many ways. You can, for example, be appreciative of the skills that you have learned and developed... you can be appreciative of the opportunities that you have generated by being the player that you are today.

Each time you review your performance, focus on one great strength that you have and one area for development. That balanced approach will help to develop that powerful NHL mindset and grow your Hockey Confidence. 

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