Canada Day is a time to celebrate the opportunities that are gained by creating successful partnerships.

If you have wanted to become more successful, consider partnering with a Performance Coach.

Here are 4 tips for you to pick a great coach:

Tip #1: Brainstorm Brilliance

Two heads are better than one! A great Performance Coach combines knowledge with a powerful intuition - it is truly an art form.

Anybody can go online and find brainstorming software and training for free with the goal to generate genius - that’s the science part. The “art” part, however, is excavating personal values and limiting beliefs that you never knew existed and linking them to your desires and intentions. Sometimes it takes a specialized new perspective to see an existing connection.

Tip #2: Bounce Ideas And Thoughts

A great Performance Coach asks powerful questions that unearth deeply rooted values without judgment. He or she will work with you in such a way that guides you toward releasing the things that are holding you back so that you can achieve your goals.

Tip #3: Be Accountable 

Isn't it strange how easy it is to break the promises we make to ourselves, but less so when we involve other people? A great Performance Coach serves as an accountability partner who challenges you to strategize and develop your goals while training you to work smarter not harder to achieve them. 

Tip #4: Receive Guidance

A great Performance Coach will challenge your thinking, goals, and willingness to grow. Additionally, they will bring a powerful insight that will broaden your leadership awareness.

The value of partnering is the mental tools the Performance Coach provides to help you navigate toward success both personally and professionally - especially if he or she can provide proven, powerful ways to clear mental barriers rather than cope with them.

Every successful leader uses a great Performance Coach to bring out their best.

If you need more than good tips and advice and want to deal with limiting beliefs and self-doubt, once and for all, get in touch.

It's what I do... powerfully.

Be safe. Be well.

Warmest, Izzy.

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