Think of all the tasks you want to complete today.

How does it feel when it all mounts up? 

Task lists can be overwhelming, and overwhelm can lead to stress. 

How we deal with stress can keep us from reaching our peak performance. 

What if we could develop a mindset that uses stress to improve performance? 

Now, imagine for a moment being stood on top of a mountain, preparing for the ride of your life!  

You have scoped out the area, plotted the best line to take, waiting to feel that moment of exhilaration as you take off with joy and laughter ringing in your ears!  This is one example of how stress can enhance our experiences. 

But sometimes, stress can stop us in our tracks. 

Luc was an aspiring big mountain skier. When he was clipped into his skis, he (literally) had the world at his feet. But, he was a hardcore procrastinator and unable to achieve the goals he had set for himself.

It was making him feel stressed out.

He had become stuck in a negative thinking pattern which affected not only his most beloved sport but also his life.  His performance on and off the snow was suffering. 

So, Luc and I worked together. We examined these bad habits of procrastination and negative thinking.  We dug down to find and resolve the root causes of the stressors that were locking away his potential.

When Luc was taught how to unlock his potential his confidence in his own abilities soared! 

This radical mindset shift impacted performance. He became a more confident and aggressive skier and is now able to push himself further and ski faster than ever before. 

Do you know someone who struggles to reach their peak performance?

Ask yourself, is it because this person hasn't had the opportunity to develop a peak performance mindset?

Would this person benefit from working with a World-Class Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant? 

Could this person be you?

Like Luc, if you are humble, you will always find a way to grow and improve and break free from procrastination.

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Do you want to learn to manage your own stress and reach your peak performance?

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Warmest, Izzy.

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