A HUGE Congratulations To #braintrainwin Scholar Gabriella Guarducci - She's Been Selected To Compete In The World Freestyle Championships!


In coaching World Champions, Olympic Athletes, NHL Players and Business Leaders from across the world, some common characteristics have shown up. Characteristics that you can replicate and generate more success for you. 

As well as consistency, work ethic, sacrifice and discipline, the truly successful,  like Gabriella, realize that to take their performance to the next level, they need to focus on their mental training.

Gabriella faced many mental challenges that were affecting her performance and ability to be selected to compete at the World Cup level. She was not able to sleep because of stress, pain, and emotional breakdowns, and, as a result, couldn’t focus on tasks or any type of activity - she was always tired!

Gabriella finally said, “enough is enough” and made the decision to work with an Olympic Performance Consultant.

To unlock her full potential she needed to know how to rid the mental roadblocks that were holding her back and gain more confidence, strength, and focus. We worked together to get to the root causes of her roadblocks and find solutions.

Her breakthroughs were instant!

She was able to release self-limiting beliefs that had been negatively affecting her mental and physical performance.

Gabriella has now achieved her skiing and academic goals for the year and has made the selection for the World Cup.

It has been such an honor working with her. The momentum and internal motivation she has created is inspiring.

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