Why is it so hard to stick to our new habits?

In the beginning, when we decide to start a new habit, we're super motivated, and the goal we set seems easy to complete. For example, if we decide we want to exercise for 1-hour a day it doesn't seem that hard, because our initial motivation is a very powerful driving force.

We also set some really high expectations when we're this motivated. We say to ourselves, "well, I have managed 1-hour's exercise for the past 3 days, so I can easily achieve this every day of the week."

However, once this initial motivation soon fades, we're left without the one thing that was driving us forward in the first place, and we haven't even formed the habit yet. This is why, when we become unmotivated, we start skipping the exercise altogether as the goal now seems a little overwhelming - we quickly develop a mental resistance and procrastinate.

The good news is, you can break this mental resistance by following a simple 2-minute rule

This video will show you how you can focus on making your new habits, actual habits: https://youtu.be/-3QJke9_Z4o

Remember! It's far better to do less than you hoped for than to do nothing at all.

I hope this helps YOU Lead With Confidence.


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