The Four Stages Of Learning

Our brains are like computers. Every experience we have had from the moment we were conceived has been programmed into us to make us the person that we are.

The good news is that we can choose to actually find out our programme coding and change how we code our experience. 

The 4 Stages of learning


4th Stage of Learning
Stage 4
Unconscious Competence
You are able to do things skilfully, and without needing to consciously pay attention to what you are doing.
3rd Stage of Learning
Stage 3
Conscious Competence
You are able to do things but you still have to think about what you do. As you develop your competence through practice you become more skilled, and eventually reach the last stage
2nd Stage of Learning
Stage 2
Conscious Incompetence
You know what you want, and you know that you don’t know how to do it yet, and there is a gap in your abilities. The transition to the next stage requires you answer the question “How?” - and you begin to examine the process of getting to your goal.
1st Stage of Learning
Stage 1
Unconscious Incompetence
This is the state of ignorance: not only do you not know how to do something, but you don’t know that you do not know ! The transition to the next stage is to do with “What ?” You become aware of content in order to realise there is something that you want.
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Global Success

"Since working with Izzy, everything has been positive; my time management, my listening skills, and I have a more calm approach from day to day. In my line of work, in these trying times, I have found ways to succeed and am doing stuff a bit more out of the box."

Gord Bamford
Two-Time Winner
Global Country Artist of the Year (CMA)

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Brett McIlwain Testimonial

“Brain Train International helped me release my old way of dealing with stresses and challenges and focus on the positive always.  I have been able to double my business each year since we worked together.”

Brett McIlwain
Sun Life Financial

Stanley Cup Champions

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Mark Recchi
Five Time Stanley Cup Champion

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 Elli Terwiel Testimonial

“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before. I was able to work through a blockage in my mindset which was affecting my relationship with my coach and my training. Izzy has transformed me into a powerful, grounded, and balanced competitor.”

Elli Terwiel
Canadian Olympic Ski Team
Nor-Am Slalom Champion