The Quest of the Revolutionary: Mindset, Approach, Organisation, Automation, Result

The Quest of the Revolutionary:

Mindset: With the right processes, technology and community (support) I can leverage my success to make money quickly and create a steady stream of clients.


Approach: Create the process that allow me to provide superior services to just one client as if they were 100.


Organization: Every required element of my business is organized in one streamline, integrated system.


Automation: Business systems and processes in place are automated from the beginning so I don't waste my time, energy or money on tasks that I don't have to do (especially since I don't like them anyway).


Result: A solid business that provides the confidence and credibility to begin marketing and make money.


Spectacular Results! 

 Brain Train International Confidence and Mental Performance John Zubak

It was an absolute pleasure working with Isabelle. I am amazed at how painless the process was, and the results are spectacular.”

John Zubak, Director of Development, Thompson Rivers University Business School

I Doubled my Business Each Year! 

Brain Train International Confidence and Mental Performance Brett McIlwain

“Brain Train International helped me release my old way of dealing with stresses and challenges and focus on the positive always.  I have been able to double my business each year since we worked together”

Brett McIlwain
Sun Life Financial

Immediate Breakthroughs! 

 Brain Train International Confidence and Mental Performance Ryan Kerr

“I now have a serious advantage in life from being trained to respond to events beyond my control in the most beneficial ways possible. Breakthroughs occurred immediately and the results have rippled into everything I do.  I possess seemingly super human powers: My mind is clear and focused, I see opportunities rather than problems and subtle fears have transformed into pure confidence. Easily the smartest investment I’ve ever made.”

Ryan Kerr, Entrepreneur, Kamloops Hoops

Olympic Performance! 

 Brain Train International Confidence And Performance Elli Terweil

This training has helped me lose my FEAR of failing. I was able to work through a blockage in my mindset which was affecting my relationship with my coach and my training. I am now a more powerful competitor

Elli Terwiel,
Canadian Olympic Ski Team, Sochi 2014
National Ski Team, Team Canada, Nor-Am Slalom Champion